We provides services primarily in Delphi and C++. We have an extensive Delphi library “CDTL” adapted for real time applications in Windows PC environments.                      Examples of assignments are Program Metricon for Jensen Sweden AB a laundry garment sorting program for large laundries worldwide. The program is a real time application, written in the programming language Delphi, for Windows PC-systems. Program VISP (Vehicle Inspection by System Parameters) for Volvo Personvagnar & ÅF Ångpanneförening AB Production test program where the data from the car’s computers and network is collected during a 10 minutes roller test cycle. About 120 KB/car is stored. All tests defined by the various responsible preparer at Volvo in a separate program for the cars parts and variants. All cars in production are tested with VISP. Data is stored by car in a special server and is used for statistical and quality assurances through a management program. In total there are 19 roller test systems in Volvo’s factories. The project begun 1993. A similar program have also been developed for Volvo Truck. Program BRS for Folkspel / BingoLotto Administrative software for management records, budgeting, sales tracking and statistic for Folkspels various lotteries. Multi-User and database based program with focus on reports. Every week are 1000’s pages of statistic and follow-up posted to the website of Folkspel. Program Sputter control for Sunstrip AB. Sunstrip AB produces absorber strips for solar collectors of aluminium with a black sputtered surface for optimal performance. The coils/strips are sputtered in vacuum using magnetron’s which creates a plasma. This machine is controlled by a PC where Turntech AB has made the program. Home Prev. Next End © Turntech AB Klangfärgsg. 23 426 52 Västra Frölunda Sweden