Home Prev. Next End Process operation for different articles are defined freely in different unique Recipes. Recipes and statistics are stored in a database. Procon contains a large number of advanced functions. Procon can be run in simulation mode without the PLC connected. Procon handle dynamic change of language. With Teamwiewer and internet is remote support obtained. © Turntech AB  Procon is a Windows based system. All types of processes, Hot dip galvanization, Electrolytic, PCB, Anodizing etc, uses the same Procon control program. New software versions are backward compatible. Procon is a configurable open system to which different types of hardware for controlling and monitoring the system is connected. Several Procon computers (In/Out handling terminals, report or control computers) can be linked together to exchange information on the network. The Procon PC gets surrounding  status and gives order to the plant control system PLC that executes and acknowledges control orders.
Progatec manufactured hot dip galvanization plant.