Color and picture indications for different types of goods, overtaking etc. for fast transparency. Buffer with queues of untreated and treated goods and for work orders. The operator can arbitrarily move orders in the queues for changing priority of the production. Different types of goods may have different priorities in the buffer queue. Queues can also have fully optimization activated for maximum flow in the line. Simulation of production batches to recreate advanced cases. This will improve the coating plant capacity and accuracy of the result. Procon follows the manual drive and move/restores all goods/recipes. Production is recovered with full capacity. Dynamic change of language in the entire program. Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, English, German and French is available. Different set of parameters can be defined in two different languages for easy service of the plant in desired language. Via a simple translation system is it very easy to change texts or too add a new language. All menus in the system can be printed on paper or to a file (text and Excel).   Home Prev. Next End © Turntech AB Klangfärgsg. 23 426 52 Västra Frölunda Sweden